Ilustratie in acuarela

“I love the rain!”, she said. It just creeps on you. Slowly, very slowly. First you notice a change in the air, like a cold smell and a chilly breeze in your cheeks.

The sky is getting darker and darker. The wind is blowing harder and harder until all the freshly blossomed flowers drop to the ground.

Fata cu frunze in vant
Fata care striga

And it gets colder and colder. You start to hurry home to find your knitted socks and your winter sweater so you can warm up your cold feet and ears.

You look around and you notice you are alone on the street. Everybody is in their homes preparing for a real storm. There is silence.

You wrap your jacket tighter and tighter around your body and continue walking down the dark and lonely alley. The fresh smell and the tickly pushes of the wind behind your back are helping you to get home faster. And you do.

Fata careia ii este frig
Fata care se imbraca

You leave the lights off and enter the bedroom to search for the warm clothes and change. You crawl in your bed and pull the blanket on top of you. The grey sky casts a dim light over the bed and over your face. You listen to the rain. It’s the most wonderful sound in the world. And you fall asleep. A deep and heavy sleep. It’s been a lovely day.

Fata care doarme